¡Bienvenido! Pablo


Bitmotion is happy to welcome Pablo on board, who came to us from Spain for a 3-month peek into the world of a TYPO3 web agency.

Here comes a little personal interview (questions asked by Florian Walter). Enjoy!

Welcome Pablo! Please tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, I am Pablo Amilburu Fontecha.

I am a 24 years old “out of the box” web application developer and an advanced car detailer.

Right now I am finishing my superior grade here, at Bitmotion, with a three-month internship.

What is your personal background?

I am Spanish, yep, siesta, toros and sevillanas but I don’t like those too much… well, siesta, sometimes.

Going back, I finished my bachelor in Logroño and started an IT grade in the university but had to leave for… reasons, some day I hope to return.

Then I started my superior grade in an institute until now.

I also have a certificate of professional detailer that I got back in 2010 from a school in California. What that means is a thorough cleaning and maintaining of vehicles using the best products of the market, bringing the vehicle to show-quality level.

Oh – tell me more about that trip to the US!

If I remember correctly, we were in Los Angeles for about a week for the detailer training and going around the city, if you count “going around” by making nearly 1000km the first day… yes, that city is BIG.

Then we went to Las Vegas for three or four days, not my style of city, if you go just to “visit”.

We managed to visit the Hoover Dam, which, for me, was the best and most impressive place of the trip, it is just an enormous piece of engineering for the time it was build.

So where in Spain do you come from?


Before coming to Germany, my live was in Nájera in La Rioja, a little town close to the capital city, which is Logroño.

If possible, I recommend you visiting La Rioja as it is really beautiful, and if you like wine, well, we have a pretty good wine there.

Absolutely. Besides the wine, your favorite food back home is…?

I don’t really have a favorite food, I like a lot of things unless it’s green, aka vegetables and fruits.

I would say, one of the foods I like the most, are the barbecues in summer with “sarmientos”, which are vine shoots, and if it’s the first time of the year its even better.


Uhh, and if you buy some “salchichon”, its like a sausage, but it’s not exactly that, open it by half, like a book, and cook it in the barbecue… well… you can thank me later.

And what have you been doing there? 

I was finishing my Superior grade studies in web applications development on the IES Comercio institute of Logroño, which, after this internship, I hope to finish completely.

Also, I helped my brother in his Detailing company when I had time and was needed.

Although I did not have too much time between studies and work, I very much like to go out with my friends and also play videogames like FPS, arcade, simulators or MMO stuff with them.

Why and how did you get to go to Germany?

Currently, I am in an Erasmus program for an internship at Bitmotion.

As I said before, I have a to do a three-month internship in this company and I liked the idea of doing it outside of my country.

How did you make the contact with Bitmotion?

My German tutor found me this company and made all the arrangements. I only had to answers some emails and talked to Ekkehard via phone call.

How long are you staying? And where do you stay?

I am staying in a student residence for the three-month internship.

What are you doing when you are not in the office?

I am lucky to have two friends here doing their internship in other companies, so, when we finish working, we get together and talk.

We are still finishing our arrival, so we have things to buy and places to see.

What kind of project are you working on here?

That’s a secret :P

Have you had experience with TYPO3 or other Open Source projects before?

Not at this level, I only made some installs. We were learning the basics, so we had no time to go into something more.

So far, what were your biggest challenges during your stay?

Mmm, I probably say the obvious one: The language, it is very good that a lot of Germans speak English, but having NO German level is a bit hard sometimes, still, pointing things out work very well.

But, at Bitmotion, people talk to me in English, even someone in Spanish!, which is more than welcome and its much appreciated.

What were the best things? The worst?

I have not been here long enough to answer these questions yet, but, my first impressions could be the feelings to be here. It is the first time I have been out of my house, alone, for so long and in other country!, but right now things are going okay.

For the worst, not much, probably the biggest headache right now so far is that I don’t have Internet in the residence which is a shame for me but… (IWANTMAINTERNETZZZZ) I will survive.

What have you seen from Hannover? Which places?


Not much really, we were around the center trying to locate shops to buy stuff, the only thing, worth mentioning, is the Town Hall, which is… why do they need a place of that size?

What are your plans for the time after the internship?

By the time I finish my internship, I would like to visit my cousin with family in Trier, and then try to see as much as I can of Germany with my brother.

And then? I did not yet think too much about this, it depends in a lot of factors and I had no time to think about, but I was thinking about doing another superior grade or return to the university or get a job. Well, right now, nothing is serious to think about.

One last question that I cannot avoid: How will Spain do in the soccer world cup?

Well… I’m not much into football so I don’t really care too much about the world cup, and football in general, but I would say that if they pass quarterfinals, that would be nice.

Wow! Thank you for your answers  :-)

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