Integrated TYPO3 translation management with LanguageWire


Creating web content across multiple languages is a big challenge – maintaining it, in distributed roles and across countries, much more. What really helps is a translation management system deeply integrated into TYPO3 with an online connection to the translation agency. Here we present the in-house TYPO3 extension of a major translation service provider, LanguageWire.

TYPO3 translation LanguageWire


LanguageWire is a global online translation service. With over 8,000 language experts worldwide, the provider is one of the market leaders in the industry in Germany and also offers translation automation/memories, live translations and SEO-optimized translations in addition to "normal" translations. The Copenhagen-based service also has copywriting and proofreading in its portfolio.

Controlling translations from within TYPO3: This is how it works

The extension, first published in 2015, aims to translate selected content, pages or page branches into the desired languages. This is done via a "shopping cart" function in the TYPO3 interface.

Once the currently desired content has been added to the shopping cart, further information can be stored and, of course, the required languages selected. The final step is the (rights-based) ordering process.

As soon as the content has been translated by the provider (within a few days), it can be verified via an additional TYPO3 external approval process. The translated content then automatically appears as normal content in TYPO3 and – depending on the workflow – only needs to be activated by the editor.

In general, the fact that the process can be adapted very flexibly to the individual needs of larger teams is a positive feature.

Technically, the whole process is based on a secure online connection to the provider LanguageWire. Integration into the CMS follows the usual standards, and even individual TYPO3 content types can be included in the translation – clean system integration is one of the most important things when introducing any translation solution. All this, of course, is done by the agency, but remains hidden from the editor.

Conclusion: Currently the best solution for a big topic

A functioning, well-integrated translation solution is literally "worth its weight in gold": it not only improves throughput times, but also improves the quality and thus the success of international appearances, particularly in the case of larger projects.

The LanguageWire solution is, of course, proprietary and tied to one provider, but in our opinion this provider is a very solid player and costs comparable to the "usual" others.

Overall, this is currently the best solution we know and a clear recommendation!


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