Speech: Marketing Automation with TYPO3 and Mautic

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The TYPO3 conference T3CON18 took place from October 30th to 31st in Berlin. We were invited and Ekkehard Gümbel gave a talk about Marketing Automation with TYPO3. The topic led to great interest and the following feedback was impressive.

Marketing Automation TYPO3 Mautic

The following topics were presented:

  • Basics of Inbound Marketing and Automation
  • Marketing Automation (Software Landscape)
  • Mautic as the Open Source option of choice
  • Deep integration with TYPO3 CMS
  • Implications for Businesses (TYPO3 Agencies and the TYPO3 project)

The topic of further expansion of Marketing Automation for and in TYPO3 provided a lot of conversation. The following reactions were amazing and the incentive for further development in the topic is clearly present.

After the event, the communication exchange was very high and an exciting networking took place. Many conference visitors sat in the sunshine at the riverbank of the Spree and discussed actively - both users and agencies.

We are very happy about the positive impulses and considerable dynamics the presented topic leads to.

"Marketing Automation consists of 90% Brain and 10% tool - but the tool should not limit you."


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