The perfect Team: TYPO3 and Mautic for Lead Generation 4.0

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TYPO3 and Mautic is a user-friendly and strategically targeted Open-Source combination of Content Management System (CMS) and Marketing Automation platform. What these tools combined are capable of and what makes the integration of Mautic into TYPO3 so special: We show you the most important facts and answers.

TYPO3 and Mautic used together to provide efficient leadgeneration

"Join the future of Marketing" – the claim of the Marketing Automation software Mautic really does hit the nail on the head. Targeted and personalised actions are becoming more and more important in Inbound Marketing when it comes to generating new leads – but also in the maintenance and brand loyalty of existing customers.

The effective and intelligent use of these possibilities is a core component of the holistic "Lead Generation 4.0" approach, which demands not only "campaigns that go down well" but also things such as 

  • High integration
  • Full data sovereignty 
  • Support of cross-media campaigns

... and that's exactly what the TYPO3 and Mautic team does in a unique way!

But first let's look at the basics. The aim of all Marketing Automation measures is to deliver relevant content to the right people at the right time, thus offering them added value and at the same time influencing the decision-making process. At best, targeted content placement motivates interested parties to make a direct purchase, make a donation, etc., or to make contact with the service provider. 

Relevance, trust and "triggers" are the keys to lead generation. On the basis of defined segments, the potential customer is gradually approached more and more personally. Marketing Automation also increases the efficiency of various marketing measures across channels and – unlike Google Ads and Co. – adapts in a scalable manner to the behavior of the individual lead. 

Mautic - a platform with a strong community

The market in this area is primarily dominated by commercial SaaS ("Software as a Service") companies. Nevertheless, there is an Open-Source Marketing Automation platform that stands out and offers us a range of exciting targeting and implementation opportunities: Mautic. was founded in 2014 by David Hurley and is designed to run on standard hosting environments. Not only the short installation time speaks for the tool - it is 100 percent adaptable to the special situation and needs of the user. Another advantage is the strong Open Source community consisting of founders, developers and testers: The belief in Open Source as a project and in the potential of communities strengthens the platform and makes it one of the most important marketing automation solutions worldwide.

Open Source Tag Team

With the CMS TYPO3 and Mautic, two Open Source projects have come together that are particularly effective and user-friendly in combination: Mautic can be easily and purposefully integrated into TYPO3 with the help of an extension. 

The official extension has many functions that can be used to integrate the Marketing Automation workflow into TYPO3. A special advantage compared to conventional CMS integrations: The diverse Mautic functions can be used directly within the normal TYPO3 interface. These include targeting, data storage via forms, personalized addressing, page-based tagging and much more... The quintessence:
Exactly record what the user is doing and what their needs are, and then communicate with them through a personal approach and target group-specific content.

CMS as the single interface for editors

Content is not created across multiple systems, enabling a compact, user-centric way of working. The CMS editor should therefore not have to start maintaining parts of his content in a foreign system or even as "HTML clumps" as in all other systems.

For example, if you create a form in TYPO3, the corresponding component is automatically generated in Mautic, without any HTML. Even if the form is changed in TYPO3, it is always synchronized with Mautic. A further plus: no manual insertion of Javascript is necessary and the tracking of website visitors can also be activated via an option in the TYPO3 administration interface. 

The secure connection is established via the OAuth standard. Language synchronization is also taken into account in this extension. A language change on the website is automatically detected and Mautic content is played directly in the language selected in TYPO3. Integration at this level is unique so far. Further features such as tagging by page call, automatic tracking and much more make it easy to use and successful within the Marketing Automation strategy.

When integrating TYPO3 and Mautic, it is often particularly valuable to create so-called Dynamic Content blocks: With these, different contents for different target groups (based on their Mautic segment) can be stored in TYPO3 and displayed on the website. You have the choice: Which content is particularly suitable for which type of person? 

Focus Items are also particularly popular, as fade-ins which are intended to motivate and guide the visitor to take active action with a clear Calls-to-Action (CTA). In addition, you can later see which Focus Items users are most likely to click on and how the performance and conversion rate develops.

In addition to generating leads, you should not lose sight of your existing customers and should also use the opportunity to display the appropriate content with Mautic, play out good, personalized offers or ask for special wishes – for example "Can we still do something for you?", "Would you like an upgrade?" or something similar.

The scoring function is also particularly practical: depending on demographics or behaviour on the website, TYPO3 users can use it to enrich leads with useful information – for example after a specific page visit, download or filling out a form. 

Another tool that should not be underestimated  is classic Email marketing. Mautic in combination with TYPO3 also offers really nicepossibilities here: Create appealing Email templates in Mautic, get all the content from the CMS, with subject lines as well as content snippets that automatically adapt to the individual recipients. And use A/B testing to optimize the opening and click rates of Emails. So, as a nice side-effect, in many cases Mautic can easily replace the extra Newsletter tool!

Conclusion: Well-done Open Source combination, maximum effiiciency

With the TYPO3 extension, Mautic has once again gained in user-friendliness and flexibility and supports the user in the targeted implementation of his online marketing strategy - without any special effort, since all the necessary components can be maintained in TYPO3. Further information on this practical integration was provided in our presentation at T3CON 2018 in Berlin, which you can view here on Youtube:

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