Useful helpers for every TYPO3 user

This month we will do something quite short & practical: I have asked our "Bitmotion Team Content" to provide me with some TYPO3 tricks that are very helpful, but not well known.

Here are three such useful helpers.
All of these tools have been around for a long time in TYPO3; The illustrations refer to the current version of TYPO3 known as Version 8 LTS.


First, let's look at the module with the nondescript name "Functions". A collection of wizards is hidden in this module, and these wizards can save you many clicks depending on the task.

When using the functions module, always select the desired page on which the assistant is to become active first. The classic use case is the creation of many new pages (see screenshot) but depending on the installed extensions there can be many other possibilities.

Each assistant can also provide new options, here are some of them:

  • Create new pages according to existing subpages
  • Hide new pages
  • Hide new pages in menus

Pro Tip: When planning your own expansion module, you should always reconsider whether “mass tasks” are incurred and how they can be supported. Maybe your own assistant is the royal road!


Even more underestimated is the full-text search in the TYPO3 backend – those who won’t use it are holding themselves back!

The easiest way to get started is by using the magnifying glass icon on the top right above the search box. The hits are displayed "live". Attention - there are two options here:
A) Click directly on the hit = open this,
B) Click on “Show all” = open hit list.

By the way, the hit list (B) can contain more hits than the live preview (A). Incidentally, you have a slightly extended search input above the hit list (B).

You can also open these directly at any time by selecting a page and clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the editing window:

Aside from the full-text search, there is another one - the "Filter" function via pages: If you click on the filter symbol, you can start entering the page title you are looking for, and the page tree will be reduced to the matching hits.

Pro tip: This search also works via input of the page ID!

3. Bookmarks make your life easier

For those who need to manage a branched page tree, but often need to navigate to the same places, TYPO3 provides bookmarks.

This is not to be confused with the usual browser bookmarks - because here you could highlight specific things in the backend. In addition to pages you can also bookmark system folders (for news articles, for example) and even individual content elements.

The star icon adds any element to the bookmarks list:

... and you can also retrieve the whole list via the star symbol, this time at the top of the TYPO3 backend:

As you can see, this is also acting as the bookmark management - Bookmarks can not only be deleted, but also be renamed. In practice, this makes sense especially for bookmarks of individual content elements - but this application is quite rare.


All three tips we described have one thing in common: These are not spectacular killer features, but useful and little-known helpers for real life. Personally, I would not want to do without them in my daily work!

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