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In our past contributions, we have already repeatedly addressed topics within the field of Google optimization. With the extension module "Yoast SEO for TYPO3" we present another tool today that makes the daily work with TYPO3 more comfortable: It helps you to write SEO-optimized content without having to do much extra work.

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There are many on-page factors that affect search engine placement. TYPO3 as a content management system provides the most important SEO elements already, which allows you to optimize the performance of your web presence. This includes:

  • Customization of page titles
  • Transform cryptic URLs into appealing permalinks and control them
  • Edit metadata (such as meta description, abstract and keywords)
  • And much, much more

The standard functions are easy to use and automatically available, therefore central to you as the operator. But that does not mean you cannot improve it any further!

„Yoast SEO“ for TYPO3 CMS

For the provision of additional SEO functions there have been solutions for quite a while, all with very different focuses and strengths. The Extension Yoast SEO for TYPO3 was launched in April 2017. But it represents the best overall package so far - and that’s what we will talk about today.

First and foremost, this extension helps to write better content. In this case better means: "better optimized for search engines", in the most pleasant, natural way possible. A first overview was given by Richard Haeser in his blog post at that time.

„Content Analysis“-Function

One of the main functions of the extension generates textual metrics and assesses whether something should be adjusted before the text is published. Various key data is checked here and results in two evaluations:

  1. Legibility
  2. The use of your Focus Keywords (a keyword you choose in advance)

The corresponding results are listed in a simple traffic light illustration. With just one glance it is possible to see if a text is ready to be published or if and which parts of it must be optimized. Especially convenient: The metrics are formulated to help each user understand HOW he can improve the rating.

Search results display
"Snippet Preview" allows you to directly see what a page or post looks like on the search results page ("SERP"). That way you can make sure that details like the title's length and the meta description are correct. If not, you can easily customize them in the editor.

Social Media

Twitter and Facebook show excerpts from your content as well. By using Yoast SEO for TYPO3, you can easily customize these texts and images for both networks (and therefore others who follow these standards). This helps you reach more visitors through social media.


Comprehensive and good optimization measures based on the content are often the key to the visibility and thus the success of your performance. Therefore, they deserve a lot of attention and time. Good and integrated technical support helps to reduce expenditures and increase quality.

The new "Yoast SEO for TYPO3" module is by far the best solution for it today and thus highly interesting for any website operator. On request, we will advise you concretely and help with the conversion.

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