The Portal for DFB Players and Clubs

The DFBnet

is the Extranet of the regional associations of the DFB. With DFBnet, the German Football Association elevates clubs and institutions right into the digital era.

Tourism and Sports
Extranet for 26 Regional Associations
Massive Performance-Tuning


A central platform. Each weekend, Germany-wide results of all football matches, including the lower leagues, need to be collected.
With this portal, the DFB offers an easy introduction to the various applications and also provides extensive online help for all users.

In the course of the version update, we did more than simply bringing the extranet up to the latest version of TYPO3: although the switch to security and usability is already considered to be a giant leap, there have been many more improvements.

With "nc_staticfliecache" static HTML files are generated from all cacheable TYPO3 pages and thus a significantly improved performance is achieved. The connection to the TYPO3 cache mechanisms ensures that these static files are always up to date.

    Interesting for editors: In the course of the update, we said goodbye to old technologies and now use the more modern "Grid Elements" method in the backend. The conversion was done automatically instead of manually - so not only the result, but also the conversion itself is user-friendly and economical.

    All these new features increase the performance of the website as well as transparency and user-friendliness for editors and admins. By using the latest technologies, a high standard of security is guaranteed at the same time.

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