Web Projects with a Wow

Dedicated, Experienced, Efficient

Bitmotion is your web agency for sustainable, successful web projects, where deadlines and costs are met and the results are as desired.

Full-Service Digital Agency

We support clients of all sizes in achieving their project goals: From conception and web design, TYPO3 development and integration, to training and support.

TYPO3 Specialization

By focussing purely on TYPO3 CMS and by being an active part of that Open Source project, our know-how and experience enable us to provide top quality at highly competitive costs.

We speak your language

Even more important than tech: Really achieving the actual goals of your project. Measure us by that standard!

Est. 1997
Over 10 Years of TYPO3 Dedication
25 Permanent Employees
20.000+ Downloads of our Extension
Your TYPO3 GOLD Agency in Hannover
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Ekkehard Guembel
+49 511 626293-11
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TYPO3 Certifications
TYPO3 certified editors
TYPO3 certified integrators
TYPO3 certified developers
TYPO3 certified consultants
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